How To Draw A Watercolor Pumpkin


To celebrate the Thanksgiving Day, we have created a pumpkin watercolor drawing tutorial. We are going to show you the five steps to draw the pumpkin.

Step 1:
A dynamic sketch is the key to making a good drawing. Our artist has used 35 Pcs Professional Drawing Sketching Pencils Set to rough in the outline of the pumpkin. Getting its major shapes is what we need to do first. Draw large circles in the paper as pumpkin usually tends to be shaped like a sort of sphere with a squashed bottom.

Step 2:
This step can focus more on the inner outline of the pumpkin to make the sketch closer to a pumpkin. After you have the main shape of the pumpkin you can add in the smaller details such as the divisions and curves. The outline of a pumpkin would come alive in sight.
Step 3:
It is time to add color! The good sketch of the pumpkin will lay the good foundation for coloring. The core of this step is to make the pumpkin alive in colors. 38 Pcs Nylon Hair Paint Brushes Art Set is used in this step and help to fill in the colors. Firstly, you need to add green color to stem and start adding colors to the pumpkin. In the upper part of the pumpkin we use yellow tones,and the lower part is reddish. It should be noted that  we only paint these two pieces here, and then wait for them to dry. 

Step 4:
The focus of this step is on how can blend different colors well to highlight the image of the pumpkin. 48 Watercolor Paint Set With 12 Metallic Colors would be the 1st to offer a high concentration of pigments while remaining easily resettable and blendable. You need to use dark yellow color to add shadows and mix this shade with bright yellow color to create smoother gradients. Next, add bright orange colors to pumpkin’s shadows and shape.

Step 5:
The last, you need to use brown color to accentuate the dark part and the shadows on pumpkins. This will assist you in separating the foreground from the background. For an even smoother color transition, blend this out with bright orange color to make the lovely image of pumpkin comes alive.

Creating from nothing is an interesting process and we hope you can enjoy this process by using Grabie's Watercolor Brush Squirrel Nylon Hairbrush Pen. Creating from nothing is an interesting process and we hope you can enjoy this process by using Grabie's art supplies.                                                               

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