96 Sheets Warm Time Material Paper Set
This material paper set is made of various kinds of paper, including kraft paper, fiber paper, cotton paper, flower paper, hand-rubbed paper, recycled paper, silk linen paper, hot branded paper, parchment paper, gold dot paper, cloud-dragon paper, cloth texture paper, and...
400 Sheets Book of Plants Material Paper Set
The material paper set is made of lightweight paper with clear printing and a rich pattern of 400 non-repeating flower patterns. They are suitable for journals, scrapbooks, or crafts decoration, you can cut them into different desired sizes and shapes,...
160 Sheets Traces of Yesterday Material Paper Set
The journaling material papers are featured in the lace designs, printed with diverse patterns and words, and full of vintage feelings, classic and good-looking, they can well satisfy your various crafts or decoration purposes, adding more beauty and charm. The material paper...
360 Pcs Vintage Stamp Stickers & Material Paper Set
Elevate your scrapbooking and card-making projects with this delightful set of Vintage Stamp stickers and material paper. The collection brings a touch of nostalgia to your designs, adding a charming vintage vibe.With a variety of sizes included, these stickers and...
60 Pcs Flowers Round The Window PET Sticker Set
These flower window stickers are the perfect way to add some depth and dimension to your scrapbook pages. Each sticker features a unique design that's sure to catch the eye and make your creations stand out. And the fun doesn't...
28 Sheets Bird & Fruit Paper Bookmarks
This is a beautiful forest series bookmark. Perfect for reading lovers and can also be used for scrapbooking. CONVENIENT - You can not only use these bookmarkers to clamp the page you want to tag, in order to continue to read...
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