Drawing Tools

36 Colors Real Brush Aquarelle Pens
Enjoy the wide range of colors within these 36 real brush pens and their versatile use as a watercolor tool when producing a variety of vibrant artwork. The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to apply a painterly touch to...
12/24/36/48/60/100 Colors Fineliner Pen Set - 12
Our 12/36/48/60/100 Unique Colors Fineliner Color Pen Set will make coloring, illustrating, writing, drawing, and sketching colorful and fun. This set is designed to last and come in an array of striking and brilliant colors.   VIBRANT COLORS - With vibrant and somber...
$22.99 from $15.99
Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Markers Set of 28
This set of 28 acrylic paint markers, with durable tips, is the perfect addition to any home, classroom, art studio, or dorm room. These colorful markers make tiny details come alive with their 0.7mm fine tip. With 28 unique and...
$49.99 $39.99
12 Colors Glitter Gel Ink Pens
12 Vibrant gel pens that are packed with sparkle. A fantastic array of glittery gel pen colors ignites the imagination with brilliant shades of the rainbow. There is nothing quite like glitter pens to add that extra oomph to your...
Vintage Color Sketch Micro-Line Pen Set of 12
Our fine line pens set contains 12 unique brilliant colors, 0.5mm fine point colored art pens for drawing, minimal bleed thru ink. Perfect for drawing lines & details, painting, writing, sketching, etc. Included artist's fine-ink drawings and coloring small intricate...
$29.99 $24.99
Black & White Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Markers Set Of 6
Create bold paintings anywhere with our set of 6 Acrylic Markers, in black and white. Black and white are the two most commonly used colors. In order to let everyone have a better painting experience, we have launched black and...
9 Pcs Pigment Liner Pen Set
We offer a variety of sizes for your needs, these black fine tip markers are ideal for drawing and writing. The needle tip works well for artists, writers, and illustrators alike. No Matter how you want to draw, we have...
Medium Tip Acrylic Paint Marker Set of 36
Take your DIY crafts and art projects to the next level with these 36 colors acrylic paint markers. These versatile paint markers will work on surfaces like paper, glass, rocks, wood, metal, plastic, and more. No need to get separate...
10 Colors Waterproof Metallic Marker Pens
10 VIBRANT COLOR - Our marker pens come with metallic opaque ink, finely ground particles, with rich radiant and bright metallic color, no gaps or bubbles in the ink. Perfect for adding luster and illustration to various craft artwork and watercolor...
12/18 Colors Glitter Marker Pens
A fantastic set of vibrant metallic-glitter gel pens in a selection of 18 assorted colors. No-Duplicated and 30% more ink for long-lasting coloring books. Perfect glitter pens for kids and art lovers. PREMIUM QUALITY - Smooth ink flowing and clear lines...
from $29.99
6 Pcs Colored Curve Line Marker Pens
This pen will enhance your creativity and help you highlight your notes in a unique way. Easily draw wavy patterns and borders in your crafts, scrapbook, artwork, and gift card. ROTATING WHEEL - Features a rotating wheel that creates a...
10 Pcs Vintage Color Fineliner Roller Ball Pens
Our fine line color pens set contains 10 unique vintage series colors, 0.5mm fine point colored pens, and minimal bleed thru ink. Perfect for drawing lines & details, painting, writing, sketching, etc. Included artist's fine-ink drawings and coloring small intricate...

Drawing Tools

You can draw anything you have at home, but using slightly better drawing tools will make you do things consciously and help you focus. If you create something you're proud of, it's less likely or disintegrated over time. Grabie showcases the best pens, pencils, paper, sharpeners and boxes to help you get started.
The art materials of drawing tools you need to start drawing are simple: a tool for drawing and a piece of paper to draw on.

Drawing Pencils

Normally, the pencil hardness ranges from 10H to 12B, with H being the hardness and B the blackness or softness of the graphite. The higher the number, the softer or harder the lead. Hard pens make lighter, more precise lines that don't smudge; soft pens make richer, heavier lines. Beginner drawing pencils should fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, like 2B or 4B -- soft enough, A range of marks can be made depending on how hard you press.

Markers Pens

Grabie marker pens are a crucial element of any stationery collection, helping you to create bold notes, add depth to illustrations or simply get someone's attention. From specialist marker pens for artistic purposes to everyday writing utensils or whiteboard markers, we've got it all in a range of finishes. Our selection also offers a range of nib sizes and different types from thick and chunky to fine and chisel nibs, as well as dual-nib marker pens.

Art Pen

Artist pens come in a million different styles, from the fine-tipped microns used by architects to the thick square markers used to make signs. Brush pens are often used for calligraphy, but they're also great for beginners because they force an impression of what you're seeing rather than an exact rendering. They use flexible brushes instead of hard rounded tips. The harder you press, the more ink, and the thicker the lines, giving you the effect of three or four strokes in one.


If you draw with pencils, at some point you have to sharpen them. Almost any sharpener you use on a traditional pencil will work. Here are the two I use: one for the home and one that I keep in my pouch along with the pencil.


When you start, any type of paper will work, but Grabie recommend it's more important to use a blank notebook than loose paper. This way, you always know where to find your work, and it provides a helpful way to see how far you've improved, as well as a visual journal to review everything you've gone through as you fill up the book.

Cases and Bag

Most professional drawing artist have their pencil cases or canvas bag to prevent drawing tools from being lost, accidentally snatched by a partner or roommate, or thrown into the trash drawer by mistake. They also make your entire kit super easy to travel.

Shop Grabie drawing tools collection to pick your best art pens and paper materials.

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