28 Colors Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Markers Pen

This vibrant color and ultra-fine tip acrylic based paint marker is perfect for your creative art projects.


28 Vibrant Colors 

28 unique colors can meet your different needs. The colors are all vibrant and bright, without any duplicates. The clear barrel shows you the ink remaining in time, You can find the color you want at a glance!

Extra Fine Tip

0.7 mm fine tip produces the expressive line, perfect for both detailing and filling! The optimal pump-valve system provides accurate flow control, letting you easily draw your favorite line.

Waterproof & Quick Drying

Grabie makes high-quality markers with premium acrylic paints that are long-lasting, fast drying, water resistant, smudge resistant and fades resistant for a silky smooth writing experience. You can expect a clean and neat writing surface from our fine tip markers.

Safe & Non-toxic

Grabie’s acrylic paint markers adopt water-based environmental protection pigment ink, which is non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and has no leakage. You can use it safely!


Great for craft making or art creating on virtually any surface, allowing you to effortlessly write on ceramics, wood, canvas, stone, plastic, glass, etc.

28 Vibrant Colors

With 28 unique and fun colors, you can discover endless color combinations with blendable, water-based, ink.

Customer Reviews

Acrylic pen like no other

I saw these acrylic markers and the slim nib drew me to them. As a professional artist, I've found it difficult to find an acrylic pen with a slim nib like these. I've tried so many others and I truly mean it when I say, none of them meet the quality of Grabie acrylic paint markers. The colours are so beautiful with a wide selection of tones. They dry quickly and without it being sticky. What I love the most is that on my professional quality paper, they don't look shiny or tacky, they have a lovely matt finish to them. I can't wait to create more with them and explore their true potential.
Tara Norton

28 acrylic paint markers

These acrylic markers were a dream to work with. They glide on smoothly and the colors are so nice. I am so glad I tried them. Even my kids loved painting rocks with them and I made a nice journal spread. Highly recommend them.
Bayista Khan

Happy Shopping!

Very happy for stone painting. Coverage is good. Bright colors. 4 March ordered 17 March received.These pens are absolutely perfect for rock painting (got a few ideas off Pinterest) and thought I would give them a try. They are very easy to activate, use, great color with only one layer. Easy to correct mistakes and excellent selection of colors. I love how it came with a few holiday stencils as well!!! So excited and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all out there (especially rock painters)
Hattie O'Hara
I wanted to try some paint markers as I've been painting rocks for fun. I have only used 2 colors. One of which was the white. I am already impressed because I used it to cover a spot I went out of line with red. The paint (after 4 or 5 shakes and pumps) did not flood out the tip and covered the red! Nice quality paint.
Antonia Marvin

Artists CREATION Made By Grabie 28 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Pen

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