Premium Watercolor Set Of 50 With Brush

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Grabie’s Watercolor Set of 50 offers free-flowing, vibrant, and transparent watercolors, ideal for travel, Plein air painting, urban sketching and working with unique color combinations. Enjoy the freedom of painting wherever you go with Grabie’s watercolor palette!

  • 50 UNIQUE SHADES YOU COULD DREAM OF - Grabie watercolor paint set features high-quality artist-grade watercolors that blend easily and offer many color options to save you time from having to blend custom colors. The 50 unique colors are carefully selected to meet the basic needs of daily painting. Using these brilliant colors in this palette to achieve a variety of effects, from bold, vibrant images to delicate watercolor washes!
  • PRECISELY FORMULATED TO OFFER UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE - Grabie watercolors are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control. Grabie uses a finely milled, high-concentration process making the solid watercolor paints durable and will not crack. The colors are bright, rich, transparent, soluble, easy to color, easy to blend, fade-resistant, and create endless colors when mixed together. 

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE SET - This watercolor paint set comprises all you need for sketching on the go: one water coloring pen, one nylon paintbrush, six detail paintbrushes, one sponge, and one swatch sheet. These miniature paint brushes in sizes 3/0, 2/0, 0 & 1, 2, 3, are great for drawing outlines, small shadows, and other details in watercolors. These durable and transportable professional sets are essential in the studio and the field. 

  • IMPRESSIVE GIFT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS ARTISTS - The best gift for that talented and creative person! You can use the colors straight out of the watercolor pan for coloring books, cardmaking, or art journaling at the beginning! As your drawing skills improve, it’s time to mix colors to create unique shades for portraiture, landscapes, seascapes, and creating your own brilliant designs. Whether you’re new to watercolor painting or a seasoned artist, this is a great professional watercolor paint set!

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    4.95 out of 5
    Based on 42 reviews
    Pritee Gupta
    Love the 50 watercolor set

    I like the Grabie watercolors for the following reasons

    1) they rewet quickly
    2) they are very well pigmented
    3) they are a good beginner set for journaling and painting details as it comes with detailing brushes
    4) the 50 colors are all you need and they is hardly any need to mix colors.

    I love it and I keep in my travel kit always!

    B. Swartzenberg Art Review

    Absolutely in love with my new watercolor paint set from Grabie. It was so fun getting to unbox this set and check out all the different brushes, sponge, color palette, and swatch card that it came with. I also love the little metal box, with clasp, that it comes in. The brushes all seem to be of great quality as they stay together and reshape nicely. The color palette offers a wonderfully wide variety, including complex natural pigments and very bright light colors. All can be applied thin/ light/ very transparent to thick and rich, super impressed with the range it offers. Paints are soft so you can take them easy on your brushes but firm enough to last and give quality layers. I would highly recommend this set to anyone! It would make a great beginning set for artists but also great for more detailed illustrations. Super excited to see what all can be created from this high quality watercolor paint set!

    Mary Swift
    Love my new Watercolour set!

    I’ve really enjoyed working with my new Watercolour set! The metal box is a nice touch, brushes are of a good quality, lovely wooden grip, fine firm tips that keeping shape. Colour palette is excellent, including complex natural pigments and also very bright light colours, all equally transparent clear and shiny or can be applied thick and rich, very impressed with this range. Paints are soft enough so you can take them easy on a brush without too much stress for latter, but firm enough to last and to give good confident translucent layers.
    High professional quality paints at a very affordable price.
    Can use them for sketchy life painting as well as for detailed illustrations.
    Very happy!

    Ernest Grassey

    More than enough color to do what. Beckons.

    Robin Gannon
    Beautiful colors!

    I’ve only done the color chart! But they were smooth and went on the paper well! I’ve ordered the bigger set now! Love them!

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    Premium Watercolor Set Of 50 With Brush
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