Premium Watercolor Set of 100 With Brush

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Painting Easily with Grabie Watercolor Set

Grabie’s Watercolor Set of 100 is complete with everything an artist needs to create full works of art. Featuring 100 hand-picked, vibrant shades developed for performance, these paints will inspire you to be the best artist you can be. 


100 Unique Shades You Could Dream Of

Grabie watercolor paint set features high-quality artist-grade watercolors that blend easily and offer many color options to save you time from having to blend custom colors. Every Grabie watercolor dilutes smoothly to create a wide range of values, from dark to subtle and light. And the amazing metallic, macaron, and fluorescent watercolors included in the 100-Color set provide shimmering and dazzling effects to all comic, illustration, and lettering projects.

Precisely Formulated To Offer Unparalleled Performance

Grabie watercolors are made from a selection of modern high-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control. Grabie uses a finely milled, high-concentration process making the solid watercolor paints durable and will not crack. These pans can meet the requirements of all artists providing the best "true to color" watercolor experience. The colors are bright, rich, transparent, soluble, easy to color, easy to blend, fade-resistant, and create endless colors when mixed together. The vibrant colors are incredibly pigmented, providing artists with rich color every time.

Everything You Need In One Set

Grabie’s premium watercolor set of 100 is complete with the most comprehensive selection of watercolor accessories available anywhere. It includes three water brush pens, one drawing pencil, one natural sponge, and one swatch sheet. This set is thought out to the smallest detail, enjoy your creativity wherever you are, with the Grabie watercolor pan set.

Ideal For Creating Landscape, Portrait And Tonal Studies

From landscapes to still-life and abstract work, you always find some fun in this watercolor kit. You can achieve a variety of beautiful gradients as well as different kinds of color combinations and effects with wet-on-wet watercolor. And the watercolor pan is also great for wet-on-dry to add layers or details to your painting. Whether your style of painting is loose and blurry or detailed and precise, the Grabie travel watercolor set will become your best friend in your art journey!

100 unique & highly pigmented shades

100 unparalleled and assorted colors (including 35 shimmering metallic, 10 candy macaron, and 5 fluorescent colors) make beautiful vivid watercolor paintings easily anywhere!

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Lovely vibrant colours

Excellent range of strong colours. Very easy to use.

Judith Flagg
Paint brushes

My grand daughter was thrilled to receive the paint brushes. She informed me they were the best brushes to paint with.

Glenda Larsen

I was so pleasantly surprised by these watercolor paints. They are so beautiful and instantly water soluble. (I have been doing my swath.) The color names are listed, so that you can see the color on paper on the swaths.
I LOVE the beautiful metal case the colors come in. I love the brushes. I cannot wait to get started on my art project! I will totally be back for more of my art supplies from Grabie. The only thing I wish is that Grabie would have a contact phone #. They do get back to you in emails. If it helps to keep their costs down, by not having a customer service # I can live with that. Thank you Grabie you rock! I will be telling my friends about your fantastic company.

Divya Sridhara
Love the range of colours

Some metallic colours are not that shiny but i love the vibrancy of the rest..

Celeste Bessette

Great with my new watercolors!! So many colors!!!

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Premium Watercolor Set of 100 With Brush
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